an integrated system for print and web

cekom catalogue system

The cekom catalogue system is an integrated system for the easy creation and administration of catalogues, various other print products and web publications.

The system runs on a central web server. It is accessible via the company's network or on the internet (with a login or a VPN) and is operated via a web browser.

If desired, a hierarchical access rights system, that even works for extensively organized editorial departments, can be installed.

Advantages of a browser based solution:

  • can be used in every workplace
  • no additional software on the computers necessary
  • simplifies working and matching in the team
  • easy integration of external service providers
  • templates based on standard HTML and CSS and are easy to provide and adjust

Catalogue System as a Standalone Solution for Catalogues, Excerpts and Data Sheets

As a standalone solution, the system provides everything that is needed for the creation of catalogues in the company's network. Besides the standard catalogue, special catalogues for particular customer groups can be generated. Moreover, the system can generate catalogues that match a particular offer, what is helpful for sales, distribution and marketing.
All images are administrated in an image database. The research for images and the inserting of images into the catalogue is simplified like this. Formats and image sections can be chosen individually.

All data can be edited when inserted into a catalogue, for example to fit them into the particular page. But it is also possible to choose the fully automated catalogue generation (with control over column- and page breaks).
Like this, the system offers the ideal combination of time saving through automation and manual interventions for a high-quality final outcome.

One click and all product data in a catalogue refresh automatically.
The catalogue system is exported as high definition PDFs and fulfills the requirements for high end printing 'on demand'. Of course, compacted PDFs, for example for emails, are possible too.

Catalogue System Integrated in the Corporate Communication

As an integral part of the corporate communication, the system provides the intranet, the website or the online shop with all relevant texts and contents, too.

An additional advantage of the catalogue system is the vast integration in cekom's CMS laurin. Laurin includes a shop and catalogue module that provides all functions and tools that are essential for a company's online presence. On the one hand, this integrated system with a centralized asset management reduces the maintenance effort. On the other hand it offers new opportunities for website, shop and quoting. Even country- and subject-specific differentiations are possible.

All in all, the integrated catalogue system is a central instrument for all channels in sales, distribution and marketing.

Exchange of Data with Inventory Management and ERP

The product data can be maintained within the system or imported from an inventory management or ERP system. Data exchange can take place via formats like XML, CSV, HTML and many more.

Catalogue System in a Cloud

We realized a cloud-compatible version of our catalogue management system in the PrintCloud.