Print Management and Distribution in a Cloud

cekom PrintCloud

  • administration of any data
  • online or cloud system allows worldwide access
  • version control
  • access right system
  • sharing of files with outsiders via email

Our PrintCloud in Detail

All too often, files are saved in grown folder structures on network drives. As a result, it is not always easy to find what you are looking for: out-dated files are constantly on the agenda. As a solution, we offer the web-based file management system “PrintCloud” we created for one of our customers.

The customer produces a high amount of print catalogues and brochures that have to be translated into various languages and need to be updated frequently. For these processes, a lot of print and image data have to be exchanged between our customer, the translators, agencies and print offices.
Furthermore a version control is necessary and the newest approved PDF versions have to be inserted on the multilingual website.

Our PrintCloud fulfills all these requirements. Huge amounts of data are stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to make them available online for the involved. A right system provides that the different users only have access to the documents they are authorized for.

The system contains an automatic version control that makes it easy for the administrators to access the older versions of the files. Besides the public low res PDFs for the websites, the corresponding high res print versions are administrated there, too.
Additionally, the system contains the original InDesign files with all it's Assets as for example the detail images. They can easily be up- or downloaded as ZIPs.

To external partners without a login to the PrintCloud, you can easily sent download links. The validity period and the maximum number of downloads of these links is adjustable.

The customer's website is automatically implemented with the most recent files. This applies to the catalogue download areas as well as the product pages with the matching PDFs.

The handling of the PrintCloud is easy and clear. No special trainings are necessary. For example the file upload works intuitively via drag and drop, what makes long searches for files in complex network drives needless. A synchronization ensures that the same database is available all over the world.
Of course, the system is not only suitable for the catalogue and flyer administration. It can easily be adapted for all types of documents. For that matter, the document type, fields and meta data are customizable, so every user gets the best possible version of the system.
Furthermore, the PrintCloud can be installed in different systems: it is possible to install it on a big cloud provider like Amazon (as in our example), on a proper online server or in the intranet. Like that, it is your choice, where you put your data.