Augmented Reality

cekom Augmented Reality

You know that for sure from movies: the agent puts his high-tec-glasses on and instantly his mission goals and all the information he needs are projected on to the real world. By now that is not science fiction anymore. How about if you could present your business and your products with this technology in a modern way?

Here are some ideas on how you can stand out from the crowd:

  • 3D models of your products appear in front of the monitor or above your print-flyer
  • the logo of your company turns in space above your business card
  • the images in your booklet are brought to life and they move

How does Augmented Reality work?

It works easily with your smartphone or your tablet. You do not even need a specific App. You just turn your camera to the monitor, the flyer or the business card or similar, and what you want appears immediately in the space in front of it or above it: 3D-Models, clips, pictures, text. Augmented Reality, short AR, makes it possible.

Application example: treasure hunting


Imagine: you receive a treasure map on paper. You see through your smart phone onto the map and there it turns an old gold dude in space. You can look at it from all sides. You tip on it and it opens a mystery. After that the next coin appears on the map. Behind every coin hides a mystery, a clip or a product information. At the end, a pirate ship shows up on the map, which is in front of you on the table. Behind it hides a competition at which you can take part.

Exactly that cekom has developed recently for a client, who has celebrated his company anniversary with it. All attendees were impressed. Modern technology provided for fun and attracted attention.

You can also benefit from modern AR-Technology

Augmented Reality is new and offers extraordinary possibilities, on the internet as well as on print. Talk to us, we always have ideas to put your company in perspective.

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