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we know how: customer journey, personas, campaigns and analyses

cekom online marketing

Online marketing consists of more than the simple conception of shops of websites. Especially people interested in purchasing do a lot of research in search engines, forums, and social media before they finally decide to buy something. More and more people use their smartphone or tablet for those researches.

Online marketing focusses on the potential customer's entire journey: From the first search queries, over the contact with banner ads or a social media campaign to an approach on the website or a purchase in the shop. This way through the internet is called the Customer Journey. Understanding and controlling these journeys is the basis for all online measures.

In the process, it can make sense to develop personas that represent typical customer groups. Matching their interests, we devise conversion paths that lead to your online presence.

Based on a target group and behavior analysis, we develop digital campaigns and place them in relevant channels like banner pages, the Google AdWords networks or in various social networks.
In addition, we provide for a good visibility in the organic search results.

Like this, you pick your customers up wherever they surf to stay informed or to compare offers. Afterwards, we lead them to special landing-pages on your website or online shop.
Of course, the landing pages are completely smartphone compatible, too. Websites and shops created by cekom are always conversion oriented ÔÇô so your customers easily get where they want.

To capture all relevant contacts with touch points like banners and social media campaigns, we employ analysis tools. Like this, we can monitor your customer's behavior even before they arrive on website or shop. Thanks to frequent evaluations we can estimate your online presence's performance and optimize if necessary.