modern, scalable, user-friendly: E-Learning-System VOCANTO®


LMS VOCANTO® at a glance

  • user-friendly e-learning system
  • for in-company apprenticeships
  • interactive learning units
  • progress is shown, medals are distributed as a motivation
  • easily accessible evaluations for teachers and instructors
  • modern layout
  • responsive design for optimum presentation format on Smartphones
  • App available (iOs, Android in development)
  • can be operated in a cloud or the intranet
  • scalable
  • permanent optimization and upgrading

Perfect interplay of design and technology

Technologically and visually, VOCANTO® is state-of-the-art: It is scalable, has a modern look, and is of course responsive to be comfortably usable also on smartphones.

It only took us two years from the concept to the launch of VOCANTO®. For a project of this size, this is an outstanding figure. VOCANTO® started with contents for apprenticeships in the sectors motor vehicles and electronics but many other professions will follow soon.

We steadily refine VOCANTO® and include the user feedbacks in our improvements. In an upcoming version, teachers will for instance have the opportunity to insert contents themselves.

But VOCANTO® is not only a usable as a platform for recognized jobs that require training. It can be utilized for in-house employee education, too. Of course, there is a flexible accounting system for contents of various third-party suppliers.

VOCANTO® - a trademark of Lucas Nülle GmbH
idea and concept: Lucas-Nülle und cekom
Implementation by Lucas-Nülle, cekom and partners