Online Projects and Web Based Solutions

We have been realizing various web based projects for different customers. Each project is the result of close collaboration between the customer and our specialists and meets the most specific requirements.

At the same time, these developments can be interesting and relevant for other companies, too. That is why every system is individually customizable.

So far, we implemented the following projects:

  • interfaces between backend (e. g. ERPs) and front end systems (website or shop)
  • PrintCloud: A catalogue management system for a high amount of catalogues in several
  • a browser based catalogue system for the creation of print catalogues and their publication online
  • the learning management system VOCANTO┬«, a modern e-learning system

We would be happy to develop a customized solution that fits your company's needs, too!

We are always happy to answer your questions and provide any further information you may require. Either use our contact form or give us a call: +49 221 973 062 0