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In Detail


We recently carried out a relaunch for our longtime customer Lucas Nülle. The basis for everything was a new conception.

Still under the same web adress, you will now find a new design. But that's not all.

In the process, a new claim was also created, which immediately attracts attention on the homepage.

"Empowering the next level: technical solutions for future technical professionals."

Through a narrative approach, incorporating topical stories and themes, you get to know the work and the thematic world of Lucas-Nülle in a completely new way.

The site continues to be managed by our in-house CMS system. There is now connection to the product database. A store system was connected for this.

With this addition, you can now also order products for learning and illustration. With one click, you can put certain packages and modules in your shopping cart via Web Offer and request a proposal for them.

A new technical special is the integration of geo-IP in the contact area for a location-based contact option. In this way, all users receive the right contact person directly.