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Public Transportation

cekom goes mobile. ... no - this time we don't mean smartphone or tablet! After we had already realized our first web projects with our dear colleagues from banana communication, in 2019 we had the opportunity for the first time to put a few joint online campaigns from the field of public transport on the rails or online:

We started with the Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (NVV), for which we created an online campaign on the topic of "Climate-friendly travel is also easier". Together with banana, cekom developed the concept and finally created online ads and targeting - especially with regard to the interests and locations of the target groups.

Another jointly implemented campaign followed shortly thereafter for the VRS as part of the relaunch of the RE 8, RB 27 and RB 33 lines. Here, too, the playout took place with special consideration of appropriate geo-targeting.

Well - we like fresh fruit at work and look forward to further joint projects!

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